05 July 2013 by Becky Reid,

Earlier this year I was flattered to be asked to speak at the inaugural Association Technology Congress on the subject of social media (pronounced ‘meedya’ if you’re a true marketer!).

It would appear that people in the membership and association industry have been noticing what we’ve been achieving at the FIA and are keen to understand what and how we’ve done it. Organised by Association Resource, the Congress is one of a series being developed, and the day had a truly international feel with delegates and speakers from all over Europe and the Americas jetting in.

...Cut to yesterday and me wandering around a stage with a microphone headset on like some pop star eulogising about social media and how to integrate and measure it. For half an hour I ranted and raved about developing a strategy BEFORE you create your first social media account, thinking about what you’ve got to talk about, working out what your objectives are so you can then work out how to measure the success of your tweets/posts/shares/likes and generally giving some of my top tips for setting out in social media.

So here are my slides, although they won’t offer you much help being mostly visual aids while I wittered on. The supporting notes will sum it up better…

Association Technology Congress

Association Congress Presentation Notes
I hope this gives some help to anyone still uncertain about using social media in business – if you want to know more feel free to email me at breid@fia.uk.com.