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Brian Robinson KeynoteFIA 15.03 (01)FIA 15.03 (11)FIA15.03 SiemensFIA15.03 AprecoFIA15.03 Securefast
FIA15.03 Henderson InsuranceFIA15.03 Fire & Security JobsFIA15.03 SapphireFIA15.03 Moyne RobertsFIA15.03 Spectrum HealthcareFIA15.03 (21)
FIA15.03 (22)FIA15.03 (24)FIA15.03 (29)FIA15.03 (31)FIA15.03 (33)FIA15.03 (34)
FIA15.03 (35)FIA15.03 (36)FIA15.03 (37)FIA15.03 Martin Harvey FIA15.03 (41)FIA15.03 Graham Ellicott Intro

2012 Annual Conference, a set on Flickr.

Following on the motoring theme from last year's conference, the 2012 event was held at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire